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Cadillac 1959 Roof chop

Innovatively showcasing automotive customization through the application of advanced 3D scanning technology on real vehicles. Our process involves generating conceptual designs rooted in meticulously acquired 3D scan data. The subsequent design and production phases leverage precision sheet metal techniques and CNC machining, ensuring a seamless transition from digital concept to tangible, high-quality custom automotive components.

Celebrating the art of referencing talent through an impressive showcase of 3D scan data registration. Our expertise shines as we demonstrate precision in aligning and integrating complex datasets, exemplifying the mastery behind the scenes in 3D scanning and data registration. 

Executing 3D rendering of conceptual design derived from precise 3D scan data, seamlessly blending creativity and technical accuracy. 

Executing 3D rendering of conceptual design derived from precise 3D scan data, seamlessly blending creativity and technical accuracy. 

Overlaying actual 3D scan results onto a conceptual design executed from an aerial perspective, seamlessly integrating real-world data with creative visualization.

Presenting a comparative analysis of three-dimensional changes through incremental adjustments on intricate surfaces, demonstrating precision in dimension modification.

Production Design

Implementing a freehand design concept for precise alignment and positioning of sheet metal strips and sections within the welding jig, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the fabrication process.

Efficiently handling the production drawing of over 30,000 elements, traditionally requiring approximately one minute per element. Through the implementation of Rhino Grasshopper programming, we have significantly streamlined this tedious and repetitive task, reducing the timeline to just 4 days for programming in the context of a new design process. 

Surface Deviation Verification: Assessing precision less than 0.1mm. in lofted sections by comparing deviations from the original smooth surface. 

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Enhancing Precision in Laser Welding: Utilizing 1.2mm thick SS400 hot rolled steel to weld multiple refined sectional and strip components with guide pins precision on a surface jig. Offering superior robustness compared to conventional cold rolled steel used in current car body stamping processes.

Strategically optimizing costs while upholding high-quality standards through computer-controlled processes. Meticulous selection of materials and processes based on required accuracy and tolerances. Utilizing CNC machine jigs for precise weld location and employing high-end welding machines with advanced high-watt laser technology for rapid cooling along the weld path. 

Precision Laser Welding: Achieving meticulous joining of refined sectional and strip elements through the use of guide pins on a surface jig.