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RC Engine design and production

Showcasing Excellence in CNC Machining of Thin Components and Cutting-Edge Casting Technologies 

How it made

Unveiling the Mechanics: A Thorough Examination of Internal Combustion Engine Terminology 

We utilize Computer Aided Engineering to inspect the harmonics of our models before determining the optimal spindle speed for machining. This ensures that the model stays steady and doesn't shake during the machining process. It's all about getting the right balance and precision for a smooth operation!

Empowering Precision: Crafting a Self-Support Design for Optimal Machining Excellence 

First CNC Prototype: Sharing the Unfiltered Outcomes Directly from the Workshop. 

Artistry in Metal: Navigating Casting Design with the Power of Simulation. 

Crafting Lasting Impressions: Navigating the Art and Science of Permanent Mold Casting Design. 

Crafting Excellence: Navigating the Art and Precision of Permanent Mold Casting Production. 

Transforming Vision into Reality: Unveiling the Mastery and Excellence in the Final Casting Result